Cover Page

cover page

Last year my goal was to stay current and organized with our family photos.  I had spent the previous two years learning photography to produce photographs I deemed worthy of scrapbooking.  In that time I had a few babies, and with this small herd of children, had neither the time nor the space to scrapbook.

I found Project Life last year, but didn’t jump in, as I doubted my ability to stick with it or keep up throughout the year.  Well much to my surprise and pleasure, I managed to keep up with a weekly photography collage and some journaling.

At the end of the year, I put the collage layouts and interspersed the journaling among the pages.  I was about to order a print book, when my husband suggested a digital format.  I published our album/book as a pdf and was able to load it on all our devices.  My husband was thrilled, he could easily bring pictures of his family with him to work on his phone, or iPad.  I was thrilled that in years to come I can simply transfer the digital file to each of my 6 children.  They will have their childhood and heritage to offer their children, the next generation.

The digital process works for me in this season of my life.  There are no tools or papers to tempt the curious little hands, and cleanup is a breeze!    So with a year of success under my belt, I’m inspired to take on the next level of challenge.  A full year of Project Life.  I love the blend of scrapbooking, journaling, and photography.  It gets my creative juices flowing.  I’m so excited to sit down at the end of this year and see the final product.

The first few weeks I’ve spent collecting journaling cards, accessories, brushes and organizing my digital files.  So here’s to 2014!


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