Week 2 #ProjectLife

week 2a

Repentence is my word of the year.  We went through lots of changes last year, and all of them produced great results.  I want to pursue this concept further in my life through 2014.  A turning way, and a turning around.  Looking at everything in my life through a fresh filter and see what stands remains and what changes.

It’s amazing how a focused attention to a word and you can start to notice all the implications so quickly.  Already this week I experienced two situations that changed my way way of thinking.  I love how this book is also turning into a book of testimonials.

Husband chose words for the boys and the girls selected theirs.  I hope to be able to document their answers to prayer and the impact of their focus throughout the year as well.

week 2b

week 2 late night

One of my goals this year was for more one on one time with each of the kids, to pursue their interests, talk, whatever they need.  We implemented this week.  So we began our new tradition of “Late Nights.”    It’s the only time when we can regularly get one on one time.  So each child has one night of the week that is their “Late Night.”  They get to pick out what they would like to do during their time.  This week has proved a resounding success!  The kids love the concept and are already planning their adventures for next week.


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