Week 5 Project Life

Five weeks done, and I haven’t lost my enthusiasm.  It has inspired me to pick my big camera back up, which means, my inability to cull images is rearing its ugly head.  Hence, the four layouts again this week.  I just couldn’t reject any of them.  But that’s the benefit of digital, and Project Life.  You don’t have to.  I am completely flexible, weeks are no longer constrained to limitations, instead they are able to truly document our lives, the subtle nuances and the celebrations.

It was another week of snow storm, followed by days cooped up due to bad roads.  We’re definitely no longer in PA, where a snow storm hit and the plows were out and roads were clear in a day or so.  I feel like around here the neighborhood roads are completely abandoned and left to warm sunny days to expose the roadway once again.Week 5a

week 5d

Week 5b

A milestone worth celebrating and documenting with its own page, was the beginning of our late winter/spring garden.  Thanks to the completed assembly of our greenhouse, these seeds found a nice warm cozy home in January.  In my efforts to find Project Life style digital elements to enhance our gardening images, I couldn’t find any I liked, and being cheap, I opted to create my own rather than purchase ones that I didn’t feel quite fit.  So here’s to new beginnings, creating my own digital elements, and starting our garden – I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us this year.

week 5c

I must admit, I have been stalking the seed trays, a hovering mother anticipating the first green sprout peeking above the soil.


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