Week 8 #ProjectLife

A crazy week of warm weather, teasing us that spring is near.  We spent lots of time outdoors enjoying temperatures in the 60s topping out two days in the 70s.  Long afternoon walks as a crazy lady with a stroller or wagon with all six kids and two dogs in tow.  Yeah, I didn’t attempt to take my camera and snap pictures of that chaos…. maybe I should next time to commemorate.

Week 8b

Micah man celebrated his 2nd Birthday.  We celebrated as a family with time at our indoor playground/coffee shop and dollar hot dogs at Sonic for the simultaneous President’s Day.  We were home for cake, created by his sisters before Daddy scooted off to work.

Week 8a

This week wouldn’t be complete without a page dedicated to Phoebe and her season of life.  We traveled to DC for a Teen Bible Quiz match.  It was a wonderful day together and my sister was able to join us as she traveled down for the week.  She was here just in time to pour into Phoebe’s life as she struggles with tween issues of clothing and friendships.


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