Week 11 #Project Life

My birthday week:  full of small celebrations, mommy time at a women’s conference hosted by our church, and a new job!  To combat my sense of isolation in our new city, David handed me the church bulletin one sunday and pointed out the circled ad for a part-time office receptionist.  With instructions to apply, I left it before the Lord.

After a bit of back and forth to see if it would work for everyone involved, I was offered and accepted the position.  Two mornings a week, I leave the kids, the house, homeschooling, and everything else in the capable hands of David.  For two mornings a week, I am simply Allison.  No one’s mother, no one’s wife, no other role than myself and my abilities to answer phones, make copies, and welcome guests.  It’s wonderful.

It’s been great for the family as well.  The kids do well with someone else acting as teacher.  Daddy has a different approach and style and they need his influence as much, if not more than my own.


Week 11a Week 11b


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