Week 13 #ProjectLife

Week 13a


Week 13b

Caleb: Wanna come outside and play, Phoebe?

Phoebe: no it’s cold outside, I don’t like to play outside when it’s cold.

Caleb: I like to play outside

Phoebe: well you’re tough

Caleb: You can pretend your tough and come outside to play.

Still some cooler weather intermingled with the warm.  The cool seems even more offensive now that we are being tempted with the spring warmth.


I must admit, I’m slacking in the photo department, opting for the convenience of my camera phone rather than my big girl camera.  I figure the shot will be gone by the time I grab my camera, and I have my phone handy.  Like my justification?  It’s working for David, so far….


Week 10 #ProjectLife

A new week with lots of new things.  Spring like weather is encouraging us that winter will soon be over.

We completed our curriculum and it’s always nice to have a fresh start with new units just about the time when the mid year doldrums sets in.  Caleb has officially added to our mix, the themes of this unit were just too perfectly suited for his current interests.  We’re taking advantage and diving in head first to get him used to the routine for next year when he will be official.


Week 10a

Week 10b

We celebrated my birthday early with a family membership the local botanical gardens near our home.  It was a lovely day to pack a picnic lunch and explore the gardens before peak spring blooms attract large crowds.  We plan to make it a frequent attraction and document the changes throughout the seasons.


Week 10c


week 10d